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News from The Construction Law Group - Maury Lederman Now Available To Serve As Mediator

January 13, 2014

The Construction Law Group announces, Maury Lederman is now available to serve as a Mediator.

For over 30 years, in his construction law practice, Maury has been representing owners, prime contractors, subcontractors and materials suppliers in adversarial situations.  Over time, it became increasingly obvious that many construction disputes were better resolved through mediation.  So, Maury decided it was time to draw on his years of experience and offer his services as a neutral.

Maury completed a 40 hour mediation training course and is now equipped to mediate construction disputes.  Mediation can result in large savings in legal fees and administrative time and expense, and can also help preserve long-term business relationships by settling on terms that are acceptable to all parties.

Maury will continue his construction law practice representing parties in contract negotiations, bid disputes, litigation and arbitration and looks forward to working with parties who would like assistance in resolving conflicts outside the court room.  

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