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“Officials Get A Lesson On New Law Against Invasive Bamboo”

August 28, 2013

Murtha Cullina environmental attorney Mark R. Sussman comments in Connecticut Law Tribune article  Officials Get A Lesson On New Law Against Invasive Bamboo.

Connecticut Law Tribune
Officials Get A Lesson On New Law Against Invasive Bamboo

Bamboo sounds harmless enough, but a new law that calls for fines of $100 could put a damper on the buying and selling of the aggressive plant.

The law came about because running bamboo, an aggressive variety, was causing damage when spreading to neighboring properties.

As a result of the damage the plants have caused, lawmakers clamped down. If someone already has the plant or intends to plant it in the future, they could be subject to fines of $100. And any retailer or installer who violates the law will now face the same $100 penalty.....

To read the full article authored by Karen Ali, click here.

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