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Murtha Cullina to Speak at and Sponsor the American Bankruptcy Institute's 2022 Northeast Conference

July 16, 2022

Partners Dan Cohn and Jonathan Horne will be featured speakers at the American Bankruptcy Institute’s (ABI) 2022 Northeast Conference.

On July 16, Dan will be part of a panel discussing recent pertinent case law, trends in increased district court oversight of bankruptcy courts and policy considerations for and against both consensual and nonconsensual nondebtor third-party releases. 

Also on July 16, Jonathan and his co-panelists will explore trial preparation and evidence using hypotheticals infused with current and common issues and provide tips for successful examination and cross-examination, preparation for common motion practice and laying a proper foundation for submission of evidence.

Partner Bob Kaelin is a member of the conference planning committee.

Murtha Cullina has a long history of sponsoring, attending and speaking at the ABI Northeast Conference.

Learn more about the conference.



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