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Murtha Cullina is the exclusive member firm in Connecticut for the American Property Tax Counsel (APTC) – the only organization of law firms providing major portfolio owners with a single source for their property tax reporting and tax reduction needs. APTC’s mission is “to provide the best quality property tax service locally and nationally by understanding and addressing the needs of our clients, focusing on continually improving our substantive ability and creating an organizational culture committed to mutually supportive and responsive behavioral values.”

As part of APTC, we can provide our clients with access to more than 125 attorneys across the United States and Canada serving all of the major U.S. markets.

APTC is a unique organization in its longevity and make up.  APTC attorneys have been working together as co-counsel since 1994. APTC member attorneys have written nearly 500 articles concerning property tax, have been instrumental in spearheading over 500 legislative and regulatory amendments for the betterment of taxpayers and have handled over 500 reported appellate cases. Together, APTC attorneys push forward the law regarding taxation to benefit their clients and are on the cutting edge of developments in tax law.

APTC attorneys fully understand valuation principles and how to apply the law that they have helped shape through their writings, legislative accomplishments and case decisions.