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The Emerging Companies practice offers legal counsel and strategic business planning to companies through all stages of their lifecycle: from the concept phase through development and growth periods, and through exit strategies, including sale events. 

Murtha Cullina's Emerging Companies practice is dedicated to advising and mentoring emerging companies through our collaborative efforts with the local and nationwide entrepreneur and social enterprise communities.

The primary goal of the Emerging Companies practice is to build a supportive community around entrepreneurship. For areas that may be underserved, we provide, and assist others in providing, resources of all types to entrepreneurs. We want entrepreneurs to take their ideas and companies further, faster and with greater precision and insight than they may find on their own. 

Toward this end, Murtha Cullina has cultivated a dynamic and comprehensive network that gives clients access to industry professionals who help entrepreneurs take their businesses forward.

Murtha Cullina has strong local relationships with community co-working spaces and entrepreneur centers including ReSET (Hartford). Murtha Cullina’s entrepreneur attorneys mentor innovators on a daily basis and at events such as the Innovation Summit, University of Connecticut's Innovation Quest, as well as in connection with local accelerator programs.    

As part of Murtha Cullina's commitment to the entrepreneurial community, the Emerging Companies practice developed the Business Lunch Series (BLS). The BLS is presented each month from January through June. 

The team of experts who regularly speak at the BLS seminars have proved to be of enormous value to emerging companies - just one of the ways Murtha Cullina provides "out of the box" resources, including networking, learning and growth opportunities, as a means to support innovative ideas and new business growth.

The Emerging Companies practice understands the distinctive circumstances of entrepreneurs and strives to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to help new companies succeed. As part of an entrepreneurship initiative, Murtha Cullina offers specialized, flat-rate packages of legal services tailored to the needs and resources of emerging companies, with distinct packages for businesses that have yet to form a legal entity and those who are in need of post-formation legal services and counsel.

The Emerging Companies practice believes regular and ongoing communication with its emerging company clients is essential, as it allows the company to receive the best possible advice from attorneys who are closely familiar with the company, its people and its business. As a result, our entrepreneur packages each include all basic communication, whether by phone, email or other format, in the cost.

Services provided by the Emerging Companies practice include:

  • Formation
  • Stockholder, Operating and Partnership Agreements
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Trademark, Copyright and IP Protection
  • Venture Capital
  • Investor Representation
  • Equity and Debt Financing
  • Equity and Alternative Compensation Arrangements
  • Licensing
  • Growth and Exit Strategies: Mergers, Acquisitions, ESOPs and Generational Transfers