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December 13, 2019 - Labor & Employment Webinar Recording: Managing Marijuana: What CT, NY and MA Employers Need to Know

By: Patricia E. Reilly and Salvatore G. Gangemi



On December 13, 2019, Patricia E. Reilly and Salvatore G. Gangemi presented a webinar entitled "Managing Marijuana: What CT, NY and MA Employers Need to Know"  This video is a recording of the presentation. 

Connecticut and New York legalized medical marijuana several years ago, while recreational use continues to be a hot topic at the General Assembly and New York Legislature. What does this mean for Connecticut and New York employers? Can you fire someone for using medical marijuana? Can you refuse to hire an applicant who uses medical marijuana? What if an employee who uses medical marijuana requests a job-related accommodation? We will discuss the state of the law and some best practices for employers to implement in response to the rapidly evolving legal landscape.


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