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We regularly represent both secured and unsecured creditors in evaluating all their legal options in dealing with financially troubled borrowers or companies. We seek to efficiently and effectively pursue the recovery of monies owed. We seek to advance the client’s interests, whether through consensual restructuring of debt, forbearance arrangements or litigation when necessary. Our team includes experienced litigators who frequently prosecute a wide variety of collection actions, including foreclosure, replevin and Connecticut prejudgment remedy actions. To this end, our team is very experienced in pursuing and collecting money judgments. In addition, our team also frequently represents commercial landlords in dealing with troubled tenants, both in and out of bankruptcy.

Related Information

  • W.R. Grace & Co., a construction materials company that incurred more than $2 billion of asbestos-related liabilities. We represent one of the hardest hit groups of claimants: those suffering asbestos disease or death from Grace’s infamous operation in Libby, Montana.
  • Buckingham Oil Interests, Inc., owner of oil and gas interests in Texas and throughout the Southwest. After Buckingham filed under Chapter 11, we were engaged to represent the bank that held a lien on the income-producing assets. We succeeded in obtaining transfer of the assets to the bank.
  • Vestis Retail Group, LLC et al., a national sporting goods and clothing retailer in Chapter 11 in Delaware. We represent a commercial landlord.
  • NAMCO, LLC, pool, patio and game room retailer Chapter 11 in Delaware. We represented one of its commercial landlords.
  • Stone & Stant, national restaurant chain franchisee Chapter 11 in Delaware. We represented the franchisor in the bankruptcy.
  • In addition, the firm regularly represents secured creditors in exercising their rights outside bankruptcy, and in connection with any bankruptcy or other proceeding the borrower might commence.