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The firm advises clients on all facets of energy projects and other environmentally significant facilities, including financing, permitting and developing innovative projects that produce energy from renewable resources, biomass, fossil fuels, fuel cells, solar, solid waste, natural gas, oil, coal and other resources through cogeneration, small power production and merchant power plant development. We provide our considerable experience in federal and state energy policy and pricing law, in addition to environmental law, for such projects.

Murtha Cullina’s multi-disciplinary team of attorneys advise clients on all facets of such projects and other environmentally significant facilities. Our firm has been involved, in various roles, in nearly every electric generating facility in Connecticut and many in Massachusetts; including hydroelectric generating facilities, base load and peaking fossil fuel fired facilities, and nuclear energy installations. We help clients buy and sell generating assets, assist developers in securing siting and permitting approvals, advise companies on financial restructuring and provide legal support on environmental compliance issues.

Related Information

  • Completed environmental due diligence for a private equity fund in connection with the acquisition and transfer of environmental permits for a 520 megawatt (“MW”) gas-fired combined cycle generating facility. Obtained siting approval and assisted with securing the air permit for a 350 MW dual-fuel simple cycle peaking facility. 

  • Assisted a renewable energy developer in obtaining siting approval and environmental permits for a 30 MW circulating fluidized bed biomass gasification facility. 

  • Performed environmental due diligence for a private equity fund in connection with a $1.3 billion acquisition of 1,400 MW of hydroelectric, jet-powered, and coal-fired generation facilities. 

  • Represented client in connection with EPA unilateral order to cease discharging silt and sediment during a hydroelectric plant dewatering outage and in connection with a negotiated Administrative Consent Order with Massachusetts DEP to remove silt/sediment from the Connecticut River.

  • Provided legal advice to a merchant power plant developer related to the planning, permitting and construction of the largest merchant power plant in Connecticut, a 792 MW dual-fuel combined cycle generation facility, including obtaining non-attainment New Source Review and Prevention of Significant Deterioration permits and NOx offsets. 

  • Assisted unregulated utility subsidiary in acquiring approximately 2,300 MW of fossil fuel-fired generation assets at multiple locations. Obtained siting approvals for an additional 240 MW of peaking generation at two facilities. Continue to assist client with environmental compliance, remediation issues and the development of a 544 MW dual fuel combined cycle facility and additional peak load capacity. 

  • Represented global power plant developer in connection with the permitting and development of the largest cogeneration facility in Connecticut, a 181 MW coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler for the production of electricity and industrial steam. Continue to assist client with operational and environmental compliance issues. 

  • Helped an Ivy League university with new source air permitting for a 13.5 MW central power plant consisting of three small gas turbine/duct burner units, three peaking gas internal combustion engines and a large boiler. Obtained siting approval for a fuel cell in a combined heat and power application. 

  • Coordinated project planning, siting, permitting and financing for four municipal waste combustor facilities, totaling 162 MW. 

  • Performed environmental due diligence and evaluated permitting requirements on behalf of an international private equity fund in connection with the acquisition of a submerged electric transmission line. 

  • Assisted a national energy company with environmental permitting issues associated with the acquisition of a 400 MW pulverized coal-fired electric generating facility and a dual fuel-fired 466 MW facility. Developed permit modification strategy to allow facility to comply with new air pollution regulations that required significant modifications to the coal-fired facility. 

  • Represented numerous clients with the permitting and development of electric generating facilities, including combined heat and power and distributed generation projects ranging in size from 1.2 MW to 350 MW.