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Air emissions, stormwater and wastewater discharges, solid and hazardous waste disposal activities, and land use all require permits or authorizations under many federal, state and municipal laws and regulations.

Murtha Cullina's attorneys develop permitting strategies that assist clients who are required to comply with these laws, regulations and requirements in all aspects and at all stages of the compliance and enforcement process, at the federal, state and local levels of government, and on behalf of parties against whom compliance or enforcement actions are taken.  These strategies lead to the cost-effective and timely issuance of permits.

Related Information

  • Represented large aerospace manufacturer in multi-media (air, water & waste) enforcement action affecting four manufacturing facilities. Developed and negotiated a creative settlement agreement with the regulatory agency involving supplemental environmental projects and compliance audits. 

  • Represented a large ship repair company in multi-media (water, waste and coastal permitting) enforcement action relating to operations at two coastal facilities. We negotiated a settlement that involved extensive supplemental environmental projects to be carried out over a five to ten year period.

  • Conduct or coordinate confidential regulatory compliance audits for both environmental and worker health and safety issues at manufacturing and other facilities. The environmental audits encompass multimedia issues involving air, water and waste areas. 

  • Represented clients in connection with environmental audit programs and advised clients on complying with state and federal self-policing (audit) policies to minimize the risk of agency enforcement actions and civil penalties.

  • Successfully avoided citizen suits and their accompanying penalties and payment of attorneys' fees against clients by negotiating Consent Orders or entering into stipulated judgments with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. 

  • Successfully negotiated Consent Orders with the Connecticut and Massachusetts Departments of Environmental Protection, as well as other state agencies, that have resulted in significant reductions in civil penalties for various regulatory violations and/or claims for reimbursement of remediation costs to which our clients have been exposed. 

  • Assisted numerous clients in applying for and obtaining a federally enforceable air permit to limit potential emissions to below the major source threshold (General Permit to Limit Potential to Emit ("GPLPE") to avoid the need for obtaining an individual Title V permit. 

  • Negotiated Title V air permit for manufacturing facility allowing the use of mobile source standards to calculate air emissions for engines tested at its facility. Assisted same facility with obtaining new source review permits for degreaser and other equipment with conditions that allow the facility to increase its operations. 

  • Negotiated water diversion permits for quarries and construction companies with operations throughout the State.