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Murtha Cullina represents corporate and individual fiduciaries in all aspects of the administration of decedents' estates and living and testamentary trusts, including resolution of disputes and federal and state tax audits. The firm's attorneys seek to develop and maintain compatible working relationships with family members and other beneficiaries. Although most estates are settled without contest or dispute, the firm's expertise can be very helpful in minimizing and resolving difficulties between the parties.

From time to time, clients ask us to serve as executor or trustee because they have confidence in the attorney who works with them. Murtha partners accept these responsibilities when it is a clear client preference over other alternatives. We may serve as trustee to assist in accumulating and managing assets during the client's lifetime, and may also serve as executor and trustee for the benefit of the client's family.

Our partners serving as fiduciaries are supported by the firm's Fiduciary Services Program, which includes institutional custodial services for securities, on-line computerized access to all account information, investment management assistance from carefully chosen professional investment advisers, and periodic reports with close, personal attention to client and beneficiary needs.