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We regularly handle disputes between owners of privately-owned businesses, whether formed as corporations, LLCs, or partnerships.  Such disputes often involve claims of fraud, mismanagement, minority owner oppression, deadlock, breach of shareholder and operating agreements, and disagreements over compensation, distributions, and access to business records.

Related Information

  • Defended president and shareholder of manufacturing company against claims made by estate of deceased co-owner for breach of stockholder cross-purchase agreement; claims dismissed on summary judgment.

  • Defended president and shareholder of retail company against claims for breach of fiduciary duty and accounting of corporate assets made by co-owner; claims dismissed on motion to dismiss.

  • Represented business owners in connection with the dissolution of a multi-million dollar family partnership involving tobacco farms.

  • Represented president and majority shareholder of real estate and agriculture company in connection with removal of minority shareholder as director and officer and claims for accounting for company funds and property.

Disclaimer: Each case has its own specific facts and legal issues. We cannot guarantee success in every individual matter.