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Water is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity.  Connecticut's Water Diversion Policy Act and pending Streamflow Regulations create significant regulatory hurdles for those whose operations rely on withdrawing more than 50,000 gallons of ground or surface water per day, whether for industrial processes, irrigation of golf courses and crops, or provision of drinking water to customers.  We have assisted clients in all affected sectors to get the water they need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Related Information

  • Negotiated a Consent Order to allow continued operation of wells and surface diversions and obtained permits necessary for an industrial client to withdraw ground and surface water at several facilities for sand and gravel operations, concrete plants, and asphalt plants at several locations.
  • Took over lead responsibility for obtaining permit for diversion for existing facilities at commercial nursery necessary for irrigation and expanded permitted operations to provide for significant expansion.
  • Obtained diversion permits for irrigation of golf courses of various sizes.
  • Represented municipal water utility in complying with terms of Consent Order concerning both surface and ground water withdrawals, negotiating new Consent Order and obtaining permits for existing and proposed withdrawals.
  • Represented private water company in obtaining expansion of wellfield in environmentally sensitive area.
  • Represented private water company in successfully negotiating terms of diversion permit for out-of-basin transfer of surface water to another company's system in the face of agency concerns about streamflow issues.