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The global technological advances that have enabled increased accessibility, transferability and collectability of data have also generated significant risks and obligations.  The growing body of law governing data protection and the dramatic uptick in criminal cyber attacks have businesses across all industries on edge. 

Murtha Cullina's Privacy & Data Security practice provides services necessary to help clients mitigate risk and operate in this new, and ever more challenging reality.  Our interdisciplinary team is composed of attorneys from practice areas who stand ready to guide clients through these complex legal and practical challenges.

We provide the following services:

Data Breach Response, Coaching and Crisis Management

  • Manage all aspects of data breach response
  • Partner with forensics and logistics experts to expedite response and mitigate damage
  • Assess insurance coverage for cybersecurity incidents

Litigation/Government Investigations

  • Data breach litigation
  • Represent clients in investigations by the Office of Civil Rights, the Federal Trade Commission and State Attorneys General

Prevention and Planning

  • Create written information security plans
  • Draft policies and counsel businesses on regulatory compliance with privacy and security requirements including HIPAA, HITECH, and NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation
  • Develop guidelines for document retention policies
  • Advise on incident response, disaster recovery and breach continuity plans
  • Develop social media policies, privacy policies and terms of use for websites and mobile apps