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Our Municipal Law practice includes attorneys with experience that extends to virtually every type of legal service that is required by a municipality. 

We have served as special counsel and/or town attorney to approximately 30 municipalities in Connecticut (in the areas of land use, environmental law, economic development, water and sewer matters, litigation, legislative, renewable energy, and labor and employment law).

We serve as general counsel or town attorney for seven Connecticut municipalities, including the Towns of Avon, Clinton, Cromwell, Lisbon, Madison, Portland and Sterling. In addition, we are general counsel to the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM).

Backing up the Municipal Law practice are more than 70 additional lawyers whose areas of practice include litigation, employment law, real estate, communications and utilities, tax, and pension matters - each of which becomes relevant to our municipal clients from time to time.

Municipalities generate an unusually broad range of legal issues. Recently these have included: the scope of a municipality’s power to encourage or limit development, the relative powers and obligations of municipalities and boards of education, interpretations of charter and ordinance provisions, employment law issues, and tax and assessment issues. Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to meet virtually any challenge that our clients may encounter.

The Municipal Law practice prides itself in delivering timely and responsive service to our clients. We are readily accessible, in person, by telephone and email; and if one of us is temporarily unable to handle a time-sensitive matter, other members of the group are always available.

The lawyers stay current with changes in the law, and frequently provide updates to municipal officials and to other lawyers. Recent presentations have included a seminar on land use procedures and zoning and wetlands issues, a training course for zoning enforcement officials, a presentation concerning electronic communications and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and several presentations concerning municipal contracting. The firm provides annual updates in labor and employment law and semi-annual training sessions on sexual harassment prevention. These presentations are open to all clients. We also provide presentations, when requested, to selected groups of employees and officials of our clients.