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Creditors’ Committees are often formed in midsize to large Chapter 11 cases. The creditors’ committee is an integral part of the bankruptcy process. We have represented numerous creditors’ committees over the years assisting them with the fulfilling of their fiduciary obligations, including evaluating purchase or restructuring offers, investigating insider dealings, analyzing liens of secured creditors and negotiating and/or proposing plans of reorganization with debtors.

Related Information

  • Gold Hill Mining Company, owner and operator of gold mines in Alaska. We represented the Creditors’ Committee, and are now counsel to the Plan Oversight Committee, in obtaining confirmation of a joint plan of reorganization providing for a five-year payout to unsecured creditors.
  • Derecktor Shipyards LLC, a shipyard that has closed. We represent the Creditors’ Committee in overseeing sale of the shipyard’s assets.
  • AGC, Inc., a manufacturer of parts for the aerospace industry. We represented the creditors’ committee in causing an expedited sale of the company, and now represent the Liquidation Custodian in litigation against former directors of the company.
  • Mason & Hamlin Corp., a 150-year old piano manufacturer, among the most distinguished in the American piano industry. We represented the creditors’ committee in defeating management’s Chapter 11 plan offering 14% payment to creditors and obtaining confirmation of the committee’s own plan paying more than 70%.