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Two of our partners are members of United States Trustee’s panel of trustees. In that capacity they have been appointed as trustees in literally thousands of Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases over the years. They are involved in the valuation and sale of assets of companies in a wide variety of industries. In each case, Murtha Cullina has served as counsel and represented them in connection with every aspect of the reorganization or liquidation process. In addition, members of our team frequently represent other trustees in the region. As counsel to trustees, we have investigated numerous claims involving the validity of liens held by secured creditors, director and officer liability issues, insurance coverage and preference and/or fraudulent transfer actions.

Related Information

  • Bluewater Hld. Corp., one of the largest septic contractors in Massachusetts. We represented the Chapter 7 Trustee in all matters including claims regarding the validity and priority of liens and director and officer liability claims.
  • Get Connected, Inc., a broadband, wireless and satellite technology company. We represented the Chapter 7 Trustee in all matters including director and officer liability claims and all litigation brought in this case.
  • Kasden Fuel Company, a major Connecticut fuel oil distributor. We represented the Chapter 11 trustee in stabilizing the business and selling the business within five months of his appointment.
  • Stadium Management Corp., owner of the stadium where home games of the New England Patriots football team were played. We represented the Chapter 11 Trustee in selling the stadium and resolving litigation on terms providing a substantial distribution to creditors.
  • Viking Financial Group, this debtor ran a Ponzi scheme in Boston for several years. We represent the Chapter 7 Trustee in all matters including so called “claw back” actions against those who benefited from the Ponzi scheme.
  • Inofin Incorporated, this debtor ran a subprime automobile finance business. We represented the Chapter 7 Trustee in all matters including malpractice actions against its accountant and its national law firm.
  • Upper Crust, LLC, this debtor operated a dozen upscale pizza restaurants in the Boston area. We represented the Chapter 7 Trustee in all matters including the sale of all of the debtor’s locations, resolving all landlord claims and litigating with the majority owner of the debtor.
  • In addition, the firm represents state and federal court receivers, assignees for the benefit of creditors, and other non-bankruptcy fiduciaries acting for the benefit of creditors.